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GKB-Editor Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 2.1

  • Browse mode has been eliminated, so the meanings of the different types of mouse-clicks have been changed.
  • The relationships editor now pops up in its own application window (in a modal fashion) rather than reusing the same application window as the hierarchy viewer.
  • A number of editing commands have been added to the relationships viewer.
  • The top-level pull-down menus have been reorganized.
  • The preference dialogs for the hierarchy and relationships viewers have been reorganized.
  • Saving preferences has now changed: for each preference change, the user must specify whether or not it should be saved as part of the user profile, as part of the KB profile, both, or not at all (appropriate defaults are provided).
  • The Style dialog has changed to include WYSIWIG color menus and an Apply Style button for testing out changes before committing them.
  • Some new Loom-specific features have been added: a primitive-p check-box in the frame-editor window for class frames, and some Loom-specific preferences.
  • Added the ability to tab the currently selected slot in the frame-editor viewer back and forth using the Space and Backspace keys.
  • Added the ability to edit all values of a slot in a single text-editing window.
  • Changed the KB Open and Select commands so that KBs opened in previous sessions are now accessible through the Open menu rather than the Select menu. The Select menu is now only for KBs opened in the current session.
  • Added different color links in hierarchy viewer for subclass and instance relationships.
  • Added a preference to make entered frame names be case-sensitive, rather than all coerced to uppercase.
  • Added basic KB analysis tools.
  • The keystroke accelerator for quitting has been changed from Ctrl-Q to Ctrl-Sh-Q, so that users don't accidentally quit the GKB-Editor when trying to close another viewer using Ctrl-Q. Some other keystroke accelerators have been changed also.

Version 1.7

  • The GKB-Editor has been ported to Allegro-CL and CLIM 2.0.
  • Users can specify appearance for all frames satisfying some predicate (so far, can only use predicates we supply).
  • Preferences are persistent, both on a per-user and a per-KB basis.
  • Opening KBs has been made much easier:
    • GKB-Editor keeps track of KBs used in the past, so you only have to use the open-KB dialogue once per KB.
    • Dialogue asks only for filename, then tries to figure out reasonable defaults for KB name, package, etc.
  • Can save the state of a browse and reload later; the reloaded browse will be updated to account for any KB changes.
  • Completion menus for frame and slot names have been added.
  • Kill ring shortcut for entering frames names, etc.
  • New kind of relationships browse: can follow slot-type links as well as slot-value links.

Version 1.5

  • The frame editor viewer has been completely revamped, and now shares the same look and feel as the other viewers.
  • The GKB-Editor now works with a Sipe back end.
  • Miscellaneous useful commands have been added: Find, Print, Save As, Expand, Compact, etc. Various menus and accept interactions have been cleaned up. Most reported bugs have been fixed.
  • The SRI AIC has revamped its system code, so the installation procedures have changed slightly.
  • Added by request: saving a KB now creates a backup file; frame selection can be aborted by right-clicking on the background (as well as with Control-Z); an additional preference allows the user to set the default root(s) (non-persistently, though); probably some other stuff that I can't think of right now.
  • Hierarchy graphs are drawn more compactly now.

Suzanne M. Paley <>
Last modified: Tue May 7 18:04:03 1996